Monday, April 15, 2013

The Desires of Our Heart

I love how God cares about the "little details" of our lives!  He recently demonstrated His love in a very special way for me in child sponsorship.

Next year I have the opportunity to go on an all expenses paid missions trip to either Mexico or Guatemala, and when I go, I wanted to have a sponsored or correspondent child to visit.  Since I didn't have children from either of those countries yet, and since I didn't know which country to choose, I contacted Compassion and requested another correspondent child from one of those two countries, and left it up to the Lord to direct my way.

Meanwhile, I headed over to Compassion's website to look over the kids who needed sponsors and read their stories. I couldn't afford to take on another financial sponsorship, but was just interested in seeing the children from those countries.  As I browsed through the pages, one girl jumped off the site at me, and I longed to be able to sponsor her.  I kept going back to her profile, but knew that I simply could not sponsor her... it was a closed door, and I just had to be content with the children that I already have, and content with the child that the Lord would give me for my new correspondence sponsorship.

And so I waited. A week passed.  And one evening after getting out of my last class for the day, I happened to log onto my account, and there was my new child...  a beautiful girl from Guatemala!  I loved her immediately, and now I knew which country I wanted to choose for the missions trip.

I shared my good news with some other sponsor friends, and when one of them remarked, "I saw her on the website a few weeks ago!"  I suddenly REMEMBERED!!!  This was the same girl that God highlighted to me when I was looking at all the children from Guatemala and Mexico!!!!!  Oh. My. Goodness.  What are the odds of THAT happening!!!  The kindness and love of the Lord to care about even these little details just blew me away, and still bring tears to my eyes.  He cares about the desires of our heart! 

So now, I am looking forward to establishing a relationship with this precious, 16 year old girl, Jhenifer, before I get to see her next year...


  1. What a wonderful story Deborah, how great is our God!! She is a beautiful and precious young lady and I love the photo frame you made for her picture how did you do that? It is so lovely.

    1. Thank you, Linda! I wrote this blog post specifically to show how to make these photos...