Friday, August 2, 2013

My Heart for Mario

I've been a passionate sponsor for children for several years now, but this past week,  I've been experiencing a whole new level of raw emotions that have simply overwhelmed my heart.  I've been sitting here all week looking at cherished photos of one of my sponsored children, Yolani, and can hardly tear myself away from looking into her eyes. 

Last week, another sponsor, Kim, and her husband visited the project in Honduras where my sweet Yolani lives, and they took beautiful pictures of her to share with me while they spent the week ministering to the children and serving the church.  I've been watching the videos that they have posted, and in a whole new way have seen the sheer reality of the poverty that one of MY kids lives with.  Not just poverty that is "out there" somewhere, but the poverty where my girl lives and walks and plays everyday.  And I've wanted to just sit and cry.

It hurts...   a lot.  And at the same time that the pain increases, so does the love, overwhelming love for this precious child, for each of my sponsored children, as well as love for each of the children of the other sponsors.

And love for one precious boy named Mario. 

Kim writes, "I had the privilege of delivering hugs and packages for many of you OCer's...and it was pure joy.  However, one of the packages I delivered was to a dear boy who is still unsponsored. Mario will turn 11 in September. He lives just off the road that goes toward my Luz Maria's house...a good 40 minute walk for him to the center and easily 40 minutes-1 hour from school. The roads are rough and steep, and his home actually sits on a very steep hillside. We passed it on the way to Luz's house and the director pointed it out to us.

Our translator was acquainted with Mario's family. I knew his parents were separated...but could not have dreamed the real situation. Mario's father was described as an alcoholic and a pimp. One night, he became angry and ripped the roof of off part of the home with his bare hands. You can still see the empty shell of a room. Mario, his siblings, and his mother now share one dark bedroom.

This boy could use some serious encouragement. He has a quiet spirit and an amazing smile. Your love could make a huge difference in his life! I have lots of photos and even video for his new sponsor!"

Would you consider sponsoring Mario?  I would love to sponsor him, but am unable to add any more to all my sponsored sweeties at this time.  Please join me in praying for a sponsor for Mario. We can't fix all the problems of poverty out there in a moment, but we CAN make a difference in the life of this one.  Will you be the one who will do this, the one who will say "Yes!" to sponsoring Mario?

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