Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Celebrating Grandparents & Grandchildren

I'm celebrating being a Grammie... I love my grandson! While I have been busy painting my home office this past week, I have also been planning for one special corner of the room to be my "grandbaby corner"... the built-in bookshelves are freshly painted white, and my favorite childhood books and toys will soon grace the shelves.  I can't wait to get a special cozy chair for the corner, and this will be one of my special places to share sweet times together with my grandbaby.  

This past month, I've been especially drawn to the need for sponsors for children living with a grandparent, and am pleased to see that several that I have highlighted have been sponsored, whether through my posts or not. I'm just so happy that they have been sponsored! 

Here is a girl I have been watching...  adorable 6 year old Greyss, from Colombia, who lives with her grandmother, and is in need of a sponsor.  Her grandmother is caring for 2 children in her home, and is in need of a sponsor for her grandchild. Would you be willing to help this family?

This precious girl, 9 year old Kenia from El Salvador, lives with both her grandfather and grandmother.  She has been waiting 275 days for a sponsor.  Her grandparents are caring for 4 children in their home.  Would you consider helping this precious family by sponsoring Kenia?

10 year old Rafael from Brazil captured my heart a few weeks ago. He lives with his grandmother who cares for 3 children in the home.  Rafael has been waiting 396 days for a sponsor.  Would you be his sponsor, and lift the load also for his precious grandmother?

You can be the answer to the fervent prayers of one of these grandparents.

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