Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jesus Loves Me

A photo update!  Sponsors look forward to receiving their child's updated photo, and to have one of our kids smiling so delightfully is just the best!  What a difference from the serious, tense photo I had of Madelin when I first sponsored her, so this one makes my heart very happy.  Madelin lives in the Dominican Republic with her grandmother, and I love that child sponsorship is making a difference in her precious life.

Here is a delightful video of a translator and children in the DR singing "Jesus Loves Me"...  get ready to smile!

Would you like to sponsor a child in the DR also?  This is 7 year old Eduardo who has been waiting 300+ days for a sponsor.  He reminds me so much of a very precious boy about the same age named Wilans that I met a few weeks ago in Honduras, and I am praying for Eduardo's long wait for a sponsor to end.  Will you bless his life by being his loving sponsor?