Saturday, September 8, 2012

Doing Sew-Sew

Shortly after making yesterday's blog post, a friend messaged me that she was sponsoring Dalinx on my behalf for me to be his sponsor!!  It was so unexpected that I was simply blown away, and tears still spring to my eyes because it is so sweet.  What a battle it was to surrender both Dalinx and Dieulande to feature them, as I had wanted them for months now, and here no sooner than I had done so, that God turned it around for me to have Dalinx.  And as one gal on Our Compassion said, it's "Abraham and Isaac all over again."  :o)  I feel so blessed!!!!

One of my projects before school starts is to sew the Christmas dresses for my Caribbean sweeties.  The Haitian girls still wear dresses in their culture, and I kind of like that...  I wore "dresses only" for many years, and loved it!  This summer I found some pretty fabrics on a great price, and bought enough for my little girls with World Vision and His Hands Support Ministries (since I can send gifts to sponsored children with those organizations)...  I have the fabric all prewashed and ironed, found some darling dress patterns, and am ready to cut out the dresses and get to sewing.  
Last year I sent birthday dresses that I had sewn for my two littlest World Vision girls, and received this radiant photo back which just blessed me so-o-o-o-o-o much!!! And I thought it was kind of cute that she was wearing it backwards...  :o)
From this rather sad profile photo that I had before... this adorably happy little girl wearing her new dress!! Bright eyes and everything!  :o) She won my heart all over again!

 I've been limping around for over a week with my "blown up" knee (had MRI done on it today...), and am facing probable surgery... will find out next week from my doctor.  Meanwhile I'm turning "doing so-so" into "doing sew-sew"...  :o)

So here I have this extra fabric that I was hoping to use for sewing a couple of dresses for Dieulande just as soon as I could sponsor her...  if anyone else would be interested in helping me by paying her sponsorship of 27 cents/day so I can sponsor this sweetie, I would be so delighted and blessed all over again! And she would love being sponsored, and my heart is Moved With Compassion to see this precious child wearing some really sweet NEW dresses...!

Blessings to you today!

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