Thursday, September 20, 2012

Printable Nativity Playsets and Finger Puppets

Setting up the Christmas creche is my first step for decorating for Christmas and one of the last to be taken down each year.  Children love to make their own nativity sets to play with and to display... a lifetime ago, my oldest son Kevin who was about 5 at the time, surprised me with the most adorable nativity set that he had made all on his own...  it had little paper stand up figures that he had drawn and cut out, and carefully set up inside a little brown cardboard box!  I was so surprised and completely delighted!!!!

Sending a nativity play set to your sponsored child would not only be a great pleasure for creative play, but also might be the only creche their family has.  and I'm sure that their parents will love seeing their child's work just as much as I did in seeing my own son's creativity!  Here are some of my favorite Christmas printable nativity sets that I have found... I'm having a hard time choosing which one I want to send this year! 

I love the rich colors on this one...

This delightful set for the child to color and assemble is the one that I sent to my older children last Christmas.

By adding a loop of paper behind each figure, your child has a sweet set of nativity finger puppets...

I love this darling set of finger puppets that I sent to my younger kids last Christmas! 
This is the same set in black and white only... for kids to color or if you can't print in color.

This set also has the option of printing in full color or in black and white for the children to color...

Another simple but sweet design for the little ones to enjoy...
I also like the little pocket design for the child to slip over his fingers.

And don't forget Crechemania's many free creche printables that I shared on my last post!

 Blessings to you today as you bless your sponsored child!



  1. I love the first one! I am going to have to send that one!

    1. That's probably the one I'll send this year too... :o) lol... such smiley faces!!

  2. So do we just print them out, and let the children color and assemble?

    1. Some people opt to cut out the figures for their children... you might want to do this, depending on their age and if you think they don't have access to scissors. I'm thinking that they should have access to supplies at their project at least, such as crayons, scissors, and glue. I know that more than half the fun, for me anyway, when I was a child, was doing the project myself... so I send all these printable sheets to my kids for them to enjoy doing themselves. And besides, you may or may not have time to do the extra work, especially depending on how many children you are corresponding with. Just know that either way, the kids will enjoy what you send. :o)