Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Speaking Words of Blessing for the Children

I think that nearly everyday I go to Compassion's website or His Hands Support Ministries to view some of the children in need of sponsors, to see which of the ones I have had on my heart have finally disappeared off the site (hopefully meaning that they have found sponsors!), and sometimes just to pray for a particular child or two.  I usually take a look at the orphans that are listed, and then will sometimes look at the children who share my birthday.  Lately I have been looking at children from particular countries that I have been especially drawn to right now... such as Honduras, Bolivia, Nicaragua, India, Haiti, or the Philippines.  

  Even if I can't financially sponsor another child at this time,  I can still pray for specific ones that just kind of leap off the page at me!  

As I was thinking about this, I thought of asking my friends to join me in doing this... I have awesome friends who know how to speak forth blessing into the lives of people!  :o)  Would you try this?  What country do you have a heart for?  What kind of situations that children are facing do you really have a heart to see God reach down to touch?  What Moves Your Heart with Compassion?

 Children growing up in the slums? 
 Children with special needs?  

Children who have to carry water and look for firewood for their chores?

Orphans?  Children living in communities stricken by AIDS?  Children living in homes with dirt floors?

Children at risk for sex trafficking?

If you don't really have something special on your heart right now, ask God to give you something specific, and then find a child or two to start praying specifically for them.  I invite you to click on the banner on the right to go search for a child to pray over and bless.  And I would especially LOVE to hear from those of you who are giving this a try!

Speak blessings over the children that the Lord highlights to you...   ask the Lord to bless them, to turn His face toward them, and give Him His peace.   Call forth their destiny!  Speak into their lives strength, courage, honor, favor.  Call forth their sponsors, and speak blessings over the sponsors as well.  We are people of destiny, with free access to the throne room, and we have been given the privilege of calling forth blessing into the world around us.

Blessings to you today!


  1. I do this all of the time! I love looking through the Compassion website and praying for children in need. A lot of times I do like you said, I search for age, gender, country, ect. It's so much fun!

    1. That's awesome, Trisha!!! Even when we can't sponsor more children at the moment, we can still have a part in ministering to more kids... <3 And it IS so much fun too!!!! :o)