Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm an Advocate!!

While I have been a child sponsor for close to 4 years now, it wasn't until I met other sponsors over the internet that I really began to understand the important role of a sponsor in the life of an impoverished child.  The friends I have made, and still am making, through Child Sponsorship Communication and Our Compassion have blessed, encouraged, and inspired me so-o-o-o much as I have learned from them... so much so, that I recently became an Advocate with Compassion International.  :o)


What is an advocate?  "An advocate is "one who defends, who pleads another's case, or who calls for one's aid." This volunteer position is for Compassion contributors who choose to commit their time, talents, and influence to help children in need."  I was already doing this informally for children, encouraging sponsors in writing to their children, and advocating for children no matter which Christian organization helped them.  In the past 2 weeks since starting my blog, I've seen 6 children sponsored through different organizations that I am aware of, and I am just so blessed  because of that! Since child sponsorship is so much my heart, I am thrilled to officially be a Compassion advocate.

My first box of materials arrived this week, and I felt like Christmas arrived!  Oh the anticipation of opening that box!!  :o)  I received a wonderful t-shirt that says, "((SPEAK)) up for those who cannot ((     )) for themselves"... a wonderful book by Dr. Wess Stafford, "Too Small to Ignore: Why the Least of These Matters Most"... a DVD with lots of clips to watch and learn from... and other materials. But best of all, I received my first two child packets to be their advocate.  :o)  :o)  :o)

LOL...  Okay, so I can see already that this advocacy thing is going to be a bit difficult, because if I have these sweet faces before me too long, praying for them everyday, I'm going to want them myself...  that's not going to work too well if I want to sponsor all the kids that I'm supposed to be advocating for!  This first sweetie is 5 year old Francisco from Honduras...  I love his name!  He lives with both his parents, and his father is sometimes employed.  Most adults in his community who have employment work as market traders making $150/month.  Typical homes in his community are made of cement floors, mud walls, and corrugated iron roofs.  There are 2 children in the family, and Francisco helps by gathering firewood, making beds, and running errands.  He is not attending school yet, but he does attend church activities regularly.  His favorite activities are soccer, playing with cars and bicycling.  His birthday is August 25, 2007, and he has been waiting for 7 months already for a sponsor.  That's a long time in the life of a child.

This little sweetie is 5 year old Sumona from  Bangladesh.  Hold her face in your hands for a moment and look into her eyes... what do you see in this precious child?  Her birthday is February 7, 2007, she lives with both her parents, and there are 3 children in the family.  Her dad is sometimes employed as a laborer, and most adults in this community work as day laborers, earning the equivalent of $50/month.  Typical homes in their community are made of dirt floors, mud walls, and tin roofs.  Sumona helps in the kitchen, and her favorite activities are playing house and playing with dolls.  She is in kindergarten where her performance is average, and she regularly attends Bible class.

That "dirt floors and mud walls" thing really gets to me...  as well as the kids living in conditions where they need to gather firewood and carry water...

So I "plead the cause" of these two sweethearts, and ask, is your heart moved with compassion for them?  If so, please contact me!  And now I can hardly wait to start watching the dvd that came in my advocacy box...  and read the book...  :o)

Bless you!


  1. I'll be praying for both of this precious five year olds. Such an impressionable age, where children are truly becoming aware of who takes care of them and who loves them. Developing trust is so important at age 5. I pray they both find sponsors who will tell them just how special and wonderful they are.

  2. These little ones are beautiful! I will be praying for sponsors that are loving just like you.