Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Child Already Sponsored!

I'm so incredibly delighted, because here within the first day of starting my blog, someone sponsored Djempson, the Haitian boy that I wrote about in yesterday's blog!!!  That is just so beautiful...  and I speak blessing over the person who sponsored this precious boy, whether they sponsored him through my efforts or not.  I just feel this bubble of happy joy!

With sponsoring children, you find that little things start delighting your heart...  like today, when my husband and I drove down to Whidbey Island to help my folks, we stopped at the Dollar Tree located down there, and I found two of the castle play sets that I've been looking for to give to my little girls for their "princess" birthday gifts!  Sometimes I feel like I'm on a treasure hunt when looking for the special little items to send the kids!  These sturdy little cardboard play sets will be such a delight to the little girls, and it's such a pleasure to me to find something special for them, especially since I'm limited to sending paper items for my Compassion kids.  I would have loved playing with a set like this as a child... I absolutely adored the "Night Before Christmas" play set I had as a child one Christmas.  :o)

So with Djempson already sponsored for this week (YAY!!!), I'd like to go ahead and highlight another child in his place from His Hands Support Ministries.

 I just want to HUG this adorable little boy!  :o)  Thristan is a 7 year old Filipino boy in the second grade who lives with his parents and three sisters, and I think he might possibly even be a cousin of Yshane, the Filipino girl I sponsor. :o)  Public schools in the Philippines are free but charge a multitude of special fees which, together with the cost of a uniform and school supplies, put the cost of education well beyond what the poorest families can pay. His Hands for the Philippines has established a sponsorship program through which you can sponsor a child in the Philippines to help them attend school. $10.00 per month will pay for Thristan to attend school, will provide him with a uniform, all his school supplies (including rain gear for the rainy season), all the special school fees, and will enroll him and his family in regular rice distributions.  If your heart is Moved With Compassion for Thristan, you can read more and sponsor him here:

Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend holiday!
Overlooking Puget Sound from Whidbey Island
Labor Day Weekend on Whidbey Island



  1. I'm so happy that Djempson found a sponsor. That Tristan is so cute too! I hope a wonderful sponsor steps up for him, as well.

    Also, those castles are so cute. I wish I could have found some for us.

    1. I will be checking all the Dollar Trees on my way down to the Seattle area tomorrow... How many would you be interested in? One for each of your girls? I can pick up some extras if I find them!