Friday, September 21, 2012

More Christmas Printables

I have loved paper toys and printables since I was a young child.  Cutting paper with scissors, decorating with crayons, and putting my creations together using rubber cement or the glue that had the funny rubber tip or that paste type glue in the jar with the little plastic stick....  this was a delight as I created all kinds of childhood projects with these.  I vividly remember the little paper cardboard Helms bakery truck that my Dad gave us kids from his work, and the fun of folding it up.  The paper toy that was my favorite (besides paper dolls) was the special fold-out "Night Before Christmas" play house that I was given one year before Christmas, and the hours of delightful play it provided.  So now it's a special interest of mine to find sweet printables to send my sponsored children.  It takes so little really, to spruce up a letter with a little something extra tucked in the letter.  In addition to the nativity play sets that I posted yesterday, here are a few of the other Christmas printables that I have discovered along the way.

I absolutely LOVE these little bird ornaments!  They will go perfectly with my winter themed letter this year that I will be writing in January...  :o)  They can be used as ornaments, as a mobile, or as other decorations, as they are not limited to being a "Christmas only" printable.  Winter Birds 
I love this beautiful star... it's just perfect to go with a "star" themed Christmas letter, and would be a delight for your child to hang in their window.  Yellow Star  

Here is a variation of the star...  Blue Star
Last year I discovered this lovely swag set of the 12 Days of Christmas...  just perfect also if this is your theme for this Christmas! 12 Days of Christmas  

Here's a darling little train set to delight the hearts of your little boys...  Christmas Train 

Another adorable Disney play set...  this Christmas village would also go nicely with the train set.  Christmas Village 

Bless you!



  1. YIKES! The stars scare me with their complexity.... However I bookmarked the rest of the links! Thanks for the birds, especially! (I've been assembling a "Bird Theme" package for the kids...) :o)

    ~Michelle R. From OC

    1. lol... It's good to have something more advanced for the teens! ;o) And I'm gathering things for a "bird theme" package this winter too... I'll be posting about it soon, with links to share. :o)